Monday, June 20, 2011

I have no more excuses.

I've been busy.
I've been up-to-here in work and free-lance.
I dealt with turning 30 (Which wasn't a big deal til, like, the day of, but still).
I've been re-watching the entire series of My So-Called Life on Netflix On-Demand (even a better deal now that I cut us down to only 2 DVDs at a time...sigh. Who am I kidding...I've been watching this for the same reason at 30 that I did at Hubby says, "Oh, there's your Jared Leto..." And, BTW....he's 40 this year. Just saying.*)
I've been admiring (and driving) my new grown-up car.
I had a graduation party to put together for the hubby.
And I find myself more often dealing with one awesome (yet FAT and who sometimes claws the sofa) cat and one increasingly difficult adolescent (who yowls and mews every second she's not getting her way) cat.

What I haven't been doing? Cooking...well, I've been cooking, but I haven't been cooking anything new. Which gets rather boring. And so it's time to start. While I'm at it, I'm going to start writing. And, as I proved earlier, I am going to start reading.

Or I'm at least going to try my damndest...cause I just remembered we just got a new thing to distract me with.


*I'm writing this while watching the episode when Rayanne sleeps with Jordan. Ab-solute. heart. break. Also, Rickie's semi-homelessness=*tear*...And NO wonder I've been trying to figure out who Meredith Gray's dad is all this time...Sharon's mom turns out to be the creepiest mom ever on Big Love...And I still love the Krakow-fro. Siiigh, I love this show.


  1. My sister owns the series and we started a marathon in December which has yet to be completed. But, sigh, the way he leans...

  2. I saw JL's band play a couple of years back and all I could think the whole time was OMG I'M IN THE SAME ROOM AS JORDAN CATALANO. He's still beautiful.