Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I just put stuff in front of him.

In today's edition of weird things my one year old will eat:
Curried garbanzo beans
Tofu in spicy peanut sauce
Blueberries. Lots. and lots. of blueberries.
Whole wheat, untoasted english muffins
Gluten free corn pasta
Fish sticks

This is not normal food for a 15 month old. Except in our house.

...and totally normal things (or things he loved last month) that he will not eat (I WILL NOT DO NOT GIVE THOSE TO ME I WILL PICK THEM OUT IF YOU TRY AND HIDE THEM IN SOMETHING):
Hot dogs
Grilled cheese (Last week they were the best ever. Last week they were on gluten-free bread. I just don't know.)
Sweet potatoes

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