Thursday, January 13, 2011

French Onion Chicken

Well, Laura, you you go.

I do love me some French Onion soup. As soup…as a side dish…and apparently, as chicken. This is totally one of those pantry meals that just worked out. Though caramelizing onions never doesn't work out. Ya know??

Hope you enjoy. I'm off to make the man some Indian curry.

French Onion Chicken
One yellow onion, halved and sliced
2 chicken breasts
2 slices provolone or swiss
Beef broth, about a half cup
Thyme, chopped
Parsley to top

Cook onion over medium high heat, stirring occasionally until all brown and cooked down (in other words, caramelize them). Remove from pan and keep warm.

Sprinkle chicken well with S&P and fresh thyme.

Coat pan is cooking spray, brown chicken for about 3 minutes, then flip. Pour in a good splash of sherry and cook down. Add broth, turn to medium low, and cover. If needed, add more sherry as the chicken cooks, about 10 minutes.

Turn over chicken, and place one slice of cheese on each breast. Spoon over caramelized onion. Cover and let cheese melt for a couple of minutes.

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  1. Need to make this very soon. It's on the list!