Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's cleaning time

What I really want (and by want, I obviously mean need) to clean today is my house. But as I'm in bed with the flu (again, damn you flu shot!!) I'm going to settle for cleaning out my phone instead.

My photo album on my phone is utterly ridiculous. It basically goes food, cat, food, food, food, cat, food, human, follow me here. And the last few months of 2010 were crazy for us, so only a small number of these pics actually got blogged about, and there's no way for me to catch up here's my solution.

As always, if something catches your eye, let me know and the recipe is yours. So here we go. Out with the old, so they's a bit of what you missed.

We both know I have more, but I'm tired of photoshopping and this is making me hungry. So as of today, I am moving forward. No more 2010 food. Tonight, I'm going to attempt to get up and cooking, cause I want to try a Moroccan beef tagine. If it's worth it, I'll be posting. If not, the inevitable photo I take before digging in is going bye-bye. Cause really...I need more humans in my photo album.

-posted out of laziness from my iPhone.

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