Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's totally a girl. Unless it's a boy.

It's rather impossible to believe, but this kid is 37 weeks—full term—as of today. Little E is coming whether we're ready or not, so the only real question that remains is...girl? Or boy?

I totally don't believe in the whole old wifey sex predictions business. (Side note. Do we still not know the difference between sex and gender? It's 2012. The baby is a male or female. We did not find out the baby's sex. Please stop calling these gender predictions.) Cause guess what? This is allll 50/50 here. And 100% the hubby's fault doing. Which is awesome, by the way. I love placing blame.

However, that's not to say it's not fun to pretend...I just love when people are so adamant about it. Once someone decides what you're having, based on whatever, you are HAVING IT.

I constantly have someone look at me, pause, and make a "It is TOTALLY a (fill in the blank)" declaration. Seriously, it cracks me up. And I am totally guilty of this one, myself. (My track record on this one is excellent, by the way. I called the Parallel having a girl from cross country. And last week, another girlfriend had the boy I knew she'd be having. That is two for two on the "hunch," people. I should charge for this gift.)

So. In honor of all of you who care enough to have made your best guesses, or who still need to, here's a quick rundown on the most popular reasons why it' or the other.

Survey Says:
Low and in front= Boy
High and wide=Girl

I'm carrying high and in mostly in front, so, ass is definitely wider. So let's count that?
Score one for: Girl

Survey Says:
Heartbeat 140 or lower= Boy
Heartbeat 140 or higher=Girl

This one has pretty consistently been around 150, and sometimes as high as 175.
Score one for: Girl

Survey Says:
"Normal" morning sickness=Boy
Excessive morning sickness=Girl

I had next to none at all, and I'm sorry to rub that in—so many of my friends have had hellish times with this. (...I'm not, actually, it was fantastic.)
Score one for: Boy

Survey Says:
Leg hair grows faster=Boy
Leg hair grows normally=Girl

Seriously, this part has been mind-boggling. I'm normally a shave every/every-other-day girl, and I've been able to push it for 4 or 5 days lately. It's just not growing. Not normal, however.
Score one for: Girl?

Survey Says:
Acne,"being robbed of beauty"=Girl
Normal or glowing skin=Boy

First of all, let me just roll my eyes at this whole "robbing of beauty" bit. Screw you, I'm tired. The acne, however, has come and gone more than normal. On the other hand, I've been getting a lot of the 'glowing' comments lately. So I'd have to say...
Score one for: Toss-up

Survey Says:
Craving salty snacks=Boy
Craving sweet stuff=Girl

I'm normally all about the salt, but I've definitely had a sweet tooth, especially during the second trimester.
Score one for: Girl

Survey Says:
The father has more brothers=Boy
The father has more sisters=Girl

Hubby comes from quite the mixed family-two half brothers by his mom and a half brother and sister by his dad.
Score one for: Boy

Survey Says:
Dry, chapped hands=Boy
Softer than normal hands=Girl

Um, it's winter and I have dry skin. But since my hands are dry (especially my cuticles, someone needs a mani...), we'll go with it.
Score one for: Boy

Survey Says:
If you crave the heels of the bread=Boy
If you like the middle=Girl

I love this one. All I know is that if I have two slices left in a loaf and one is the heel, I'm toasting them both with some peanut butter. And I'm enjoying the heel one more. But I wouldn't eat it just because unless it was the last slice.
Score one for: Toss-up

Final Score:
Girl: 4
Boy: 3

Other "considerations," with which you should do with as you please:

Chinese Calendar says Girl.

In our birthing class, we were the only couple who did not know the sex. The other five couples were having boys.

Every single one of my cousins, on both sides of the family, have had boys first.

All of hubby's coworkers have had boys (five for five so far), even if the Chinese calendar said girl. None of them found out the sex beforehand.

As for my own hunch? I honestly have no idea. The first trimester I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a girl, but that's faded into more of a daily guessing game. Some days I get the boy vibe, some days it's more girly. Though that often just depends on which of our names (we have names!!) I'm liking more that particular day.

And there you have it, folks. So what's it going to be?


  1. I agree that all the old wives' tales and predictors are pure BS or entertainment. I carried high and in front, the baby had a fetal heart rate of 147 to the 150s, I had no morning sickness or cravings, my leg hair didn't change, and I didn't have acne but there was no glow either (not that I'm aware of). Based on the above, it would seem I was having a baby that was a hermaphrodite. Nope. Had a boy. And you know SSH's plight -- she even had "symptoms" of having a girl -- got two boys. But who really knows? Either way, it's all good and ends up as it's meant to be. So, welcome baby girl or baby boy E.

  2. My guess is boy... And I'm often wrong in the sex guessing game, lol.