Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm stuffed. Let's eat.

So, we've all been there. Eaten something you're either impressed that you made, or grateful you discovered (and ultimately paid for).

My choice? Something I made. The immeasurable thanks of the "mmmm, babe" noise is indescribable. Luckily, I have a husband who thinks I can cook...and yet is truthful when I've completely screwed up, which may be even more valuable.

I'm pickier about my own cooking than about anyone or anywhere else's. I love to cook, and I love when it turns out to what I consider perfect. So when I'm impressed, I'm slightly ridiculous. I love to share the recipes that work with my friends, too, hence this blog. So if you're also fan of cooking and taking pics of your food(I KNOW many of you are), send 'em my way and I'll post anything that I would want to eat.

But my roundabout point is that I'm not making anything anyone else cannot. And if my husband, my stomach, and waistline—which is 60 pounds lighter these days, thanks to the impending threat of wedding photos, cardio, yoga, and a mix of recipes I've created and—are happy, you will be too.

More importantly for me, however, is that I'm sensitive to gluten, so the vast majority of what I eat—and feed my man—is gluten free. Yet still delicious. I love bread, don't get me wrong, but I love not scratching myself to death more.

As I write this, the husband is scraping the caramelized remains of our grilled apples and eating them rather than/before washing the grill. "Super Bomb," as he says. I take this as a compliment. I hope you enjoy this blog as much.

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  1. omg I love you so much. lol... I will be sending pics of my also ridiculous-impressiveness-with-myself cooking :)