Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sushi: A Valentine's Day Story

If you're a fan of my Facebook page, you know I had a hard time deciding where to go with hubby for an early V-day dinner. My options were sushi from Toro, Caribbean tapas from Mama Roomba's, or basque from Chalet Basque. (I apparently need to talk to these people about having websites done, btw) We eventually decided on Toro, which was fitting, seeing that we inevitably drop far more cash than we intend to every time we go, and therefore reserve it only for special occasions, i.e. Birthdays and Valentine's Day.

Anyway, the night was bittersweet. As usual, it was great atmosphere with great people watching (the girl next to me was wearing a gigantor wrist corsage and face bedazzling, even though it appeared she was on a date with her mother), but it was also kind of a rude awakening, food wise. Because I finally realized I really don't like sushi.

I've always thought I loved sushi. Hubby's and my first date was at Zen 5, and while it was 6+ years ago and I have no clue what was ordered, I know we loved it (though it may have been our infatuation haze)…I love, love Sushi Deli in downtown San Diego (though my favorite thing is the scallops dynamite…which is baked…and I've almost mastered.)

So it's confusing for me, because I turn up my nose at California rolls (psssh, for beginners), yet shy away from rainbow rolls (that's a LOT of raw fish),and my favorite appetizer at Toro is seared Ahi (AKA the Screaming Orgasm).


But no matter where we go, I'm almost always disappointed by rolls. I don't like when they have extraneous stuff on top:
I don't like too much fish, and I shy away from tempura (calories, not taste). I do like anything with eel, eel sauce, and/or avocado…and now that I've finally realized I only want Dragon rolls (eel and avo), I have no idea what the hell to order next time. Cause why go to a fancy place for a super standard roll?

Well, cause I can have Sapporo and sake, and both of those typically equal a good (yet overpriced) night for me. So next time we hit Toro, I'm going for the Korean part of the menu. (And I'm not ordering green tea ice cream. Not only should it be free, it should not be doused in ridiculousness. Really Toro? Keep it simple. WTF.) Or better yet, maybe we'll just hit up some Tapas and Sangria. Or Basque and wine...My birthday is coming up…

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