Thursday, February 10, 2011

We are finally out of bread.

And not a moment too soon.

I. want. meat. Or at least something completely different…I want sushi. Or tapas. Or, like, a hot dog. Seriously, I'm so bored with soup, salad and sandwiches I could go insane.

But with the exception of my caving for pho once and a $2.99 shrimp appetizer (plus wine) from Tahoe Joe's Happy Hour menu once, we spent less than $20 on food this week. Good to know it's possible, but not a fun experiment to try. Even if I did cheat...oops. Here's a run down of the "highlights."

Wednesday & Thursday
Made a little 'soup to go,' with shirataki noodles,* a mix of fish sauce, lemon grass, and sriracha, lemon and beef bouillon. Microwaved about 3 cups water with the bouillon till hot and added the rest of the stuff.

* If you haven't tried this stuff, consider it. It's kinda slippery, and it smells nasty (to get rid of that, drain and rinse them, then cover in water and microwave 1 minute and a half. Drain and rinse again and you're good to go), but those are non-issues when you consider the fact that a full package is 40 calories. That's literally like a tenth of that same amount of regular pasta. Amazing.

Cream of mushroom soup with a veggie sandwich…provolone, tomatoes, cukes, lettuce and homemade herbed cream cheese (light cream cheese with some finely chopped green onion, cilantro, garlic and grated romano—would make for a great cheese ball and is also fantastic on triscuits, btw.)

More soup…with a turkey, mustard, tomato, provolone and cuke sandwich.

Green salad a la Buffalo, AKA a bunch of greens with some light blue cheese dressing and some Frank's hot sauce…mostly hot sauce, seeing that we only had about a tbsp of dressing left. Not bad. And low cal. Seems to be a theme this week…

Ugh. Just looking at this stuff makes me bored. Yet what was the first thing I ate when I deposited my paycheck at lunch?

Vegetarian Pho. The irony kills me. Now watch me eat a salad for dinner.

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