Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tomorrow we watch commercials and eat.

I miss college. As a communication major at UCSD, there were no scantrons...there was no library time. I read and I wrote. A LOT, but these are things I know, and these are things I love. Obviously. So I have been looking forward to going back to school for my Master's since I graduated with my second bachelor's degree in 2006. Am I a nerd? Yes. And totally ok with that. When that will happen, I really don't know. Hopefully when all of some of our student loans are paid off? Sigh. It sucks being poor.

(This is where I insert how grateful I am for my parents having paid for my first degree. Thanks, Ma. Thanks, Daddy. You guys rule. But we really should have worked out some sort of language around the four years you paid for being the four most expensive, not just the first four...)

My point in all of this? Well, this blog is my compromise. And some days, well, some days I need to write. Thus explaining this rather non-topical intro. And so, with that, let's get back to food.

Superbowl is tomorrow. I must admit, as apathetic as I feel about "the big game," I'm pretty ridiculous about the commercials.
(My college roommates may grudgingly remember one of the years (2003?) Pepsi teamed with Britney for a commercial...As far as I can remember, it never ended up airing, but I demanded a mandatory silence during all commercial breaks in anticipation. Said commercial was streamed ad nauseum for the next 2 months, which I guess prefaces a future post about my love for all things Brit-Brit.) I'm also a fan of "party" food, and I'm a fan of hosting...unfortunately, we have a lot of friends who feel the same way, so tomorrow we're off to one of the several parties we were invited to (it's so fun/hard being popular!)

In all seriousness, no matter where we watch, I'm going to cook. Tomorrow the plan is to steal the BBQ for an improvised version of Grilled Jalapeno Poppers (both stores I tried were out of goat cheese), chicken drumsticks and spare ribs. Hubby is in charge of meat around here, but I know his chicken marinade consists of a combination of Bernstein's Italian dressing and Basque marinade. The ribs so far have been rubbed with Pappy's and will get a coat of Sweet Baby Ray's tomorrow.

Yum. I'm excited. Somehow this entry turned into a Superbowl commercial in and of itself (I am NOT sponsored by any of above referenced brands, but am taking all offers), but it's gotten me in the mood for some football. Or—more correctly—some beer, some food, and some commercials. Here's hoping Britney makes an appearance.

Oh, and go Packers.

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