Thursday, August 18, 2011

The great bagel debate

Does a whole wheat bagel still qualify as a bagel?

Apparently this is debatable...

I say: Well obviously. I mean, hello. It's a bagel. It may not be shiny, but it's chewy, you toast it, you schmear it, you eat it. Bagel.

Hubby says: No. Just because it is round and has a hole in the middle, it doesn't make it a bagel. (He was, however, unable to expand on this argument, so I am sure he would appreciate any support you guys want to throw his way.)

Even though he's wrong. And I think was mostly irritated I only bought fat-free cream cheese. For my whole wheat bagels. (I had to promise to buy him plain shiny ones and chive cream cheese next time.)

Thoughts? Arguments? I want to hear from you New Yorkers. You guys know bagels.

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