Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An equation.

If: The number of felines in your home is ≤ the number of humans,
Then: Worry not, you just appreciate pets.

If: The number of felines in your home is > the number of humans,
Then: You are a crazy cat person.

It's simple math, y'all.

And thhaaaat said...

Meet Ramona.
We do know about Ramona, do we not? (She's a pest). And she likes laundry.

And sleeping.

And posing.

So, yes. We are now a multiple cat home. But we saved her from certain cat death-my baby sis called last week needing a permanent home for a cat she had to foster last minute...long story short, Greta (KittyH) is not super happy with us.

It's like playing I-Spy.

And Ramona loves her. And wants to play.all.the.time. So far, we've graduated to mild toleration. With some guttural tiger noises from KH anytime KH2 gets a bit too close. Or tackles her...or attempts to pounce...or something equally obnoxious. But Geezus. Her cry is like none other. We put her in the room whenever she starts stalking KH:

And 2 minutes later, we start hearing the wail of death. It's the strangest, longest cry I've ever heard...it's been fun.

Sigh. This post has reached ridiculous levels. My apologies. I'll post dinner next, I promise.

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  1. Um, I've had +1 to the ratio of humans on the cat level and we have 2 cats and 2 dogs, what are you trying to say? :) I love the name, and she's a cutie. I will make a prediction that KittyH will rule the roost for the rest of the time; only letting Ramona hand as she sees fit. Have fun, animals are a blessing :)