Friday, October 15, 2010

Pantry meal supreme

Well, kinda.

So not only am I totally unmotivated to cook, I'm not too jazzed about shopping, either. I go, but I get like 3 things at a time.

This is the fridge. Apparently I only eat condiments and drink (don't judge, that's my job). At least the kits have food.

I've been the queen of ready-to-eat food this week. Pre-roasted chicken, Black Angus (and the resulting leftovers), ready to cook pasta...gah. Not terrible, but still.

But I got off my ass and cooked tonight. Even if it was the easiest thing I could think of, which really just meant whatever I had that needed the least from the store.

Ah, how i love risotto. I had onion, garlic, herbs and cheese, so my shopping consisted only of wine, chicken, and arborio rice (I could have used basmati, but it's just not the same.)

You guys know how I feel about risotto. It takes minute effort, but it take a bit of time. So what.

Stuffed some chicken with blue cheese and thyme, browned one side, then flipped, added a quarter cup or so of broth, covered, and cooked over medium for 11 minutes.

As for the risotto, i added the rest of the cheese (tbps-ish), some fresh pepper and a sprinkle of thyme to the rice at the end. Yum.

I am so over being distracted. I wanna cook. And write. And have my stuff back, damnit.

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