Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How is it almost Thanksgiving??

Hey! 'Member me?? I gotta say...I've been kind of a mess lately. Ever since the whole burglary incident, I haven't been...well, let's just say I've been better. Distracted, consumed, depressed, annoyed, sick...not my best days. And with it being hockey and football season, I haven't been in much of a mood to cook for just me.

But. Thanksgiving is in a week. So I need to get off my gym-starved, junk-food enlarged ass and get back in it. Cause our house somehow turned into the place to be next Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. B are coming down from Seattle for our second annual holiday together (If you're needing any ideas, check out our recipes from last year for pecan pie, meat, cranberry sauce, and cornbread stuffing). And since we were already cooking, we invited over a handful of our other friends who were family-less this year (I'm eating with my parents over the weekend). It's going to be a full house (mostly of dudes, which is good, cause they're easier to impress), so dinner will be pretty informal and probably fairly booze and football fueled.

It's also going to be pretty traditional—doing a turkey (a huge one, I'm assuming), potatoes and gravy, stuffing, veggies, and possibly a few surprises.

Anyway, I'm going to start small. Cooking chicken with goat cheese and prosciutto tonight, so I'll let you know if it turns out.

Oh, and who is going to buy me this shirt? It's my favorite Thanksgiving reference of all time. Whoever does wins. Just FYI.

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