Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A friend asked me today if I've been cooking...

The answer this week is no.

It's so hot my cooler doesn't work, so the idea of having my stove on pretty much makes me cry. Especially when I want to cook. I saw that Trader Joe's was selling figs this week, and after having an extended convo about the pros and cons of figs with a fellow shopper, was feeling ambitious enough to go for it.

Unfortunately, braising chicken and figs (my recipe of choice) wasn't so much an option today, so we'll try again tomorrow. In the meantime, I bravely cut into my very first fig (not of all time, just at my house) and made myself an appetizer plate.

And that, my friends, was dinner (plus a glass/bottle of wine..natch.) I'm not complaining. Gorgonzola and figs with anything is always good. Even on gluten free crackers. Aren't they fancy? I love it.

-posted out of near heatstroke from my iPhone.

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