Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seriously Literate Book Club, August Pt. 2

I got a little overambitious again...I have eight books currently checked out, so I've been jamming trying to get them read in time...thanks again to everyone who has been recommending titles either here or on facebook. It's so nice to know other people besides me like to read...

Normal People Don't Live Like This, Dylan Landis
Hmmm...a good way to describe this book...
Apparently I missed something. Like the point. Seriously, if this had been on my SATs, I never would have gotten into UCSD. I would have completely failed the comprehension portion.

Has anyone read this? What the hell was that ending?? I mean, I get that it was a collection of short stories, but they all had the same characters, and some were completely left field. Weirdest book I've read in a long time. Not badly written at all; I just didn't follow. Some chapters/installments or whatever you want to call them were great, it's true, but I just wasn't able to...be there. If that makes sense. This book has super mixed reviews on Amazon, so maybe you should just read it for yourself.

Garden Spells, Sarah Addison Allen
Ok, thank you Kate B, for recommending this. (and for sending me her next novel! Xo!) I loved it. It reminded me so much of when I took creative writing classes and was encouraged to write stuff like this. So. Sweet. One of the reviews on the back says "my only regret is that Garden Spells wasn't a thousand pages longer." I completely agree. Absolutely charming, captivating, easy to read...all of those phrases reviewers use-they hold true. I was totally hesitant based on the name and kind of frou-frou cover that it might be lame...but no. Mystic ways and love and emotions and sisterly bonding (in a non lame way)...wow, any dude reading this just tuned out completely. I don't care. Read this book. It's adorable.

Monsters of Templeton, Sarah Groff
Well, hmm. I liked it. It had a favorable, if not predictable ending. And I do like a happy ending. (I also like horrible ones, it's the in between I'm not crazy about) But I feel like there were so, SO many characters that danced through the story it was impossible to keep straight. And to be honest, I somehow skipped over the explanation at the beginning that made the main character's search make sense. Kate B? Also your recommendation. Did it make sense to you? Or did you just like the way the stories weaved together? I thought that was the best part. Well written. Just hard to follow, I think. But I do have the attention span of a hamster...

Daughter of Fortune, Isabel Allende
If you like well written, romantic, cultural/historical fiction, you may want to read this. It's a story of unrequited love, chasing ghosts, and realizing you can't put a description on what love looks like.

Romantic enough for you? It was a great, great story, very rich and descriptive and warm, even when the happenings were not. I will be reading more of Ms. Allende's work. Thanks to the boss lady for her recommendation. I'll read Zorro next!

My Horizontal Life, Chelsea Handler
I feel like all I've read about lately are miscarriages, history, and heartbreak, and this quick read (I read it in a day) was a great break. It had me giggling out loud.

I'm pretty sure you have to either adore or despise Chelsea Handler. She doesn't take herself seriously in the least, is bitingly sarcastic-and shockingly blunt, and is crude without seeming like she means a bit of it. I happen to adore her. If you do, as well, you'll probably like this collection of 'true' short stories about her sexual escapades. If not, well, don't read it. Or stop being a prude and take a chance...either way.

Next up:
Girl with a Dragon Tattoo
The Liar's Club
Strangers at the Feast

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