Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full circle. (aka, a Kern County Fair update)

Since the husband didn't get to go on my fair excursion last week, we decided to make an afternoon of it on Sunday and check it out on its last day. Kind of a full circle thing for me-I wanted to see the difference between going the first day and the last, and also see stuff I missed (hello, baby calves!)

We could have planned it better...we went after hitting our Sunday champagne brunch buffet, so we weren't at all hungry, which makes the whole fat-kid aspect of the fair pretty much worthless. But we grabbed a couple beers and strolled for a bit. And because he is a trooper, the hubby bought himself a tongue sandwich to go, which he texted me this photo of yesterday. (Gross, but still...pictures of his food! I'm so proud!)

I can sum up the rest of the visit pretty easily. It consisted of the invention of a new game called Spot the Inappropriate Footwear, in which one or the other of us blurted out HEELS! or UGGS! (Cause it was a nippy 65 degrees out, you know) every five minutes.

And as it turns out, by closing day, not only are all the livestock gone (sold and trotted up the gangplanks to their next, shall we say, adventure...), but my mama cows were also gone. You should have seen my sad-kid face. I was Miss Pouty-pants the rest of the trip.

This, however, almost made up for it.

That's right. Pig racing. Awesome.

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