Thursday, October 15, 2009

Respect your mother.

I have a confession. I'm a terrible tree-hugger. I want to be one, I really do, but unless I'm on a beach somewhere, I'm just not that into the great outdoors. My idea of a great camping trip involves a bed and a hotel bar. And running water.

I'll do some outdoorsy stuff, like hiking (as long as it's not too steep or too hot), or fishing (someone else has to clean it and eat it. I won't eat my own fish.), or shopping at outdoor farmer's markets. And I'll even enjoy it. As long as I can go home and shower afterward.

As much as I may be an indoor girl, I still have nothing but respect for Mother Nature. And I see us destroying her everyday without a second thought. It's especially obvious where I live, cause every time I see the ever-present SUV and the oil refineries spouting clouds of who-knows-what into the air, I'm reminded that the Central Valley has the worst air quality in the nation.

And that's why I wanted to participate in Blog Action Day. I know I don't do enough for the planet. I recycle (which is no easy feat in this town, especially if you live in an apartment), I try to save water and energy, but I could do more. We could all do more. And that's the whole point of this project-to get people involved and thinking about what they can do to help. Climate change is happening, people. And much of it is our fault. So get on it. Before Sarah Palin gets her way and kills all the polar bears.


  1. I'm getting on it... by making "Stop Sarah Palin" polar bear shaped buttons...

  2. I totally count going to the farmer's market as outdoorsy. In fact, Tafty and I need to go this weekend. I need roses.