Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh, Pumpkin I miss you nine months of the year.

I know I usually only talk about dinner, but let's discuss other meals today. Starting with breakfast, of course.

The most important meal of the day? Eh. I'm not a big fan. Maybe cause this is my average my desk, in front of the computer at 8:30am with a cup of coffee. Although I do have to show some love to the Van's gourmet wheat-free waffles. They are FANtastic. So. good. Throw some cottage cheese on top with some fresh raspberries and it's like eating cake. Sort of. Anyway, it's fab.

However. Fall is my favorite time of year. Why? It's not the trees changing colors...or the air getting brisk...hello, I live in Cali. We don't really have the whole season thing going for us. It's the beginning of October and I'm wearing a mini-skirt cause it's supposed to be 82 today.

Really, Fall is my fave cause Starbucks brings the Pumpkin Spice latte out of hiding and I can have that for breakfast. And it also means that the Gingerbread latte is right around the corner. Yay!!

Oh course, nothing is ponies and rainbows with me, so I do have one beef with these drinks...they have no skinny version. My normal drink, the grande skinny Cinnamon Dolce, is 130 cals. Pumpkin Spice...not so much. Without the sugar-free syrup option, the non-fat, no-whip grande is still 260 calories. Which is more than my waffle/yogurt or cottage cheese combo combined (205 cals). Not cool, Starbucks. Not cool.

I act like I'm not still gonna drink one once a week til they vanish. I don't really need to eat. Now if lunch would just hurry up and get here, already...


  1. mmmmm pumpkin spice latte, how I love you... totally worth the breakfast food substitute, I don't like breakfast either :)

  2. mmmmmmm.... I love them too, and totally agree with you that it's a bummer they don't have a skinny version.