Friday, December 4, 2009

And at 11:25 she rested.

I feel like a crackhead. You know, the kind that moves furniture at 2:30am in the apartment above you? I hate that guy. But things must be done, and I've been on a mission.

Since the hubby is out of town, I decided to take the opportunity to deep clean the house. (That's weird, right? I don't feel like that should be a normal reaction to a night home alone).

As part of my attempt to de-grinchify myself, I decided to decorate for winter, so I needed to start with a clean slate. And yes, winter. One step at a time. Maybe I'll even listen to Afroman's Christmas CD while we decorate the tree. Seriously, check it out. Good stuff. If you have a sense of humor, anyway.

Whew, the husband just got home and rescued me from WE's Platinum Babies. (I mean...really? You're killing me here. Like I can't watch this. This chick has an aromatherapist!) with the end of the Laker game (the rerun). Kobe...You're amazing. The hubby's right...he's got his "mad dog-lower jowl-scowl on". And that's when we win. XO, Kobes.

Annnyway, easily distracted. I gotta stop writing while the tv's on.

So no joke, I was housewife supreme tonight. After I got off work at 5, my goal was to do my errands and make it home by 6:30 so I'd have time to do yoga, eat, and clean. So I hit Trader Joes, Target, Cost Plus, and Vons, and walked in the door at 6:35. Check.

Yoga? Oops. Not so much.
Eat? I'm eating popcorn for dinner right now.
Clean? Ohh, lemme tell you. Tonight I:
Cleaned out the fridge, got out the lights and decorations, decorated the living room, dusted downstairs, completely cleaned the kitchen, including the floor and appliances, did 3 loads of laundry, changed the sheets, got 8 months of filing done, organized the Tupperware cabinet, cleaned out and reorganized the bathroom cabinet, made a pitcher of fresh iced tea, made fresh salsa, did/put away the dishes, found a place to hang my apron, and organized the fridge magnets. The small things count.

So here I am, shoveling popcorn in my mouth for dinner at 11:30pm. I somehow forgot to eat. Crackhead. Seriously.

Oh well, I'll be eating plenty tomorrow. I've got a Mexican feast planned. Stay tuned.

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