Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love LA. And nachos.

Lately the hubby has been on what the Parallel calls a 'kickassathon,' getting the internship he wanted, getting the grades he wanted, and winning a pair of Lakers tickets within the last month. He's pure awesome.

And lucky for me, he's legally bound to take me as his plus-one, which is how I found myself at Staples Center last night, rooting for my boys. Even though our seats were impressively far away, they were free, and we had a blast. Best date night in awhile. (It didn't hurt that we won, either).

But we bought Lakers fat-kid clothes for each other (warm up pants for me and a warm up jacket for him), wandered the arena, drank enormously overpriced beer, and, of course, gorged on stadium nachos.

Three words...Chicken Camacho Nachos. AKA, the granddaddy of stadium nachos. A little cheesy, but holy crap. I couldn't finish them. And I tried.
Mmm, mmmm, ridiculous.


  1. Are they really better than Carne Asada Nachos?

  2. Not if I could get carne asada nachos at a you know something I don't??