Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In case you don't know what to get me for Xmas...

I'm so in love with Joy Behar today. I'm not much of a 'The View' watcher (I just can't deal with Elisabeth Hasselbeck), but the woman has always amused me. And I just stumbled across my favorite thing of the day and had to share.

I guess she has her own show now, and while interviewing blogger and activist Andrew Sullivan, who has recently distanced himself from the Conservative movement, Joy gave him a gift basket as a bribe to officially join the Land of the Left. In it? Gluten-free goodies, Michael Moore's Sicko on DVD, a Dixie Chicks CD, and a Cheech and Chong DVD.

Priceless. I'm so amused right now. Best gift basket ever.

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