Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting off the Couch.

My scale hates me. I know it has nothing to do with the fatkid weekends, the booze, or the whole avoiding-the-gym business, so the scale must be possessed/evil/broken.

Sigh. Seriously, I've got to do something about these last 10 pounds. According to Self magazine, as a lightly active 5'10 woman who enjoys eating, my "Happy Weight" is between 151-160. And while I currently reside at the top end of that, I would much prefer the lower.

When I was working out a lot, losing weight was easy for me...and when I don't, it's not. (Weird how that works). Which has led me to the painful realization that I have GOT to get back in a cardio routine.

So. Thanks to one of my favorite college friends/fellow fondue lover (Laura), I got my ass up and off the couch tonight. She's been doing the Couch to 5K challenge, which she swears is easier than it sounds. You download the iphone app (oh, iphone, my love for you grows every day), and it keeps track of everything-what day you're on, how long you've been working out that day, and as it's an interval based training program, it even tells you when to walk and when to run. Without me having to look at a clock. It even integrates my ipod playlist. Brill.

And seriously...when homeboy tells you to "Run," you run. Like Laura, I do as I'm told. We're very well behaved like that.

I even convinced Hubby to go with me, which was a bit of a shocker, since the weather seems to be doing some intervals of its own today (Rain. Wind. Pouring rain. Wind.) and we weren't sure it would cooperate. But we chanced it, and got lucky. Besides the enjoyable company, having him alongside was fun for me cause I got to be bossy and tell him to run. And then walk. And then run. (Which he did. Go Hubby.)

I wouldn't really call this the Couch to 5K...I'd call it more the somewhat-used-to cardio to 5k. When I first got off the couch 2 years ago, this would not have worked. At all. I couldn't even jog for 30 seconds, much less 60 seconds at a times. I definitely am not used to running even now, but I'm glad I'm quasi in shape, cause otherwise I'd probably be discouraged.

I guess I should have gone to the store on my way home from work (who wants to go to the store after the gym? I want a shower. And a couch), but we had enough in the fridge for some leftover creativeness. Additional jogging bonus? You get to eat. And we know I like that. Cooked some onion and garlic, sliced up leftover grilled top sirloin, and mixed in some jarred marinara. Quite. Delicious.

But anyway...Week One, Day One. Check.
Eight and a half more weeks to go. Starting Thursday. The program says to rest between workouts. And we know I do as I'm told.


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