Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm sure the husband would put meat on it.

In college, one of my many jobs was working at Boudin's, a sandwich and soup place...I'd think that's partly why I'm not big on sandwiches, cause I was sick of looking them, but I still love soup, so...anyway. They had the best Vegetarian sandwiches. Three kinds of cheese, sun-dried tomato aioli, roasted bell pepper, cucumber...all kinds of deliciousness on squaw bread. Amazing. So when I was looking at a half full jar of roasted bell peppers this afternoon, wondering what the hell to do with them, I decided it was sandwich time.

So good. I wish I had squaw bread and some pepper jack. Actually, I should clarify-I wish I had pepper jack without mold on it. Buh.

Quick Veggie Cheese Sammy
Sun dried tomato
Three slices of white cheese (Havarti, swiss, pepper jack, etc.)
Roasted red bell pepper
Thinly sliced onion
Cucumber slices

Mix mayo and tomato (only if they're pieces-if they're whole just layer them in with everything else), spread on bread. Layer everything else. Mmm.

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