Friday, January 29, 2010

A week of anything goes.

I was scolded this afternoon for not posting all week, so I'm sorrrry...but I've had good reason...Basically, I've been making a lot of truly bizarre dinners. We've been doing a lot of pantry pasta meals (aka, we've been broke), and while some have been amazing (brie mac and cheese? Hel-lo!), some have been just plain weird (pasta with feta sounded better than it was), and none have really been anything I can easily track for you.

Case Study 1:

Last night's Artichoke and eggplant...thing..which consisted of a jar of eggplant caponata from Trader Joe's (which is a tapenade type spread made from tomato, artichoke, eggplant, capers, and oil), some sauteed garlic and artichoke chicken sausage, a bit of leftover marinara sauce, frozen baby artichokes, capers, pasta...some salt, pepper, red pepper flakes...and who knows what else I threw in there.

Case Study 2:
Brie Mac & Cheese...which started with a box of gluten free mac&cheese mix. But the hubby was in a mood to play, so he ended up cooking the pasta (plus some GF spiral pasta) in 3 cups of 1% milk and a tbsp margarine...when it was done, he added the cheese mix and about 3 oz of cut up brie, salt, pepper, and I threw in a tad of nutmeg. So good I don't even want to know how far the cals set me back for the week.

Case Study 3:

Mango Martinis. Of course, the only thing I can give actual directions for isn't a meal...sigh. They were a great way to use up frozen mango, since the only other thing I use frozen mango for is to eat with nonfat greek yogurt and a dash of cinnamon. Makes a great breakfast or dessert (the yogurt, not the martini...although...) Be careful who you serve these to...they were too 'strong' for my non-vodka drinking other half, so I got to have the whole blender full (Yes!) Anyway, here you go:

A cup or so of frozen mango pieces
Mango vodka
Raspberry vodka
Regular vodka
(I don't know why he thought they were strong)
couple leaves mint, plus some for garnish

In a blender, combine mango and vodkas, some mint, and add a splash of grenadine. It's not super sweet, so add some simple syrup or more grenadine if you like. Blend. Feel free to add ice if you want.

I had, like, three of them. And no hangover, so this is weeknight approved. I love that.

I am also happy to share that I inspired an old friend to try a stuffed chicken recipe for her gorgeous family this week. At least someone cooked something yummy! I love that she even sent me a pic. Glad to see/hear it was a success, Jess! And glad it got your hubby involved! You're such an you do it all with two little ones is beyond me...keep it up, girl!

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  1. The mango martinis sound yummy!!! I love how you can throw together food in a pinch that sounds yummy... I'm not so good at that. I'm either following recipes or else not cooking, I never just throw stuff together.

    Oh and I'm no ubermom.... soups and casseroles make up the majority of my menus these days ;)