Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At least I didn't buy them at Walmart.

I tend to swear up and down that I refuse to support something, be it stores (Walmart, Kmart), the color chartreuse, frozen dinners, or the Fox News Channel. So I'm saddened to say I broke one of my own rules today and committed a self imposed PammySin.

I bought silk flowers.

Now, I'm not saying I haven't seen them done well for events or even in homes. But it's not the norm, and we all know it.

So my superficial side (my left, my good side) thinks the only 'acceptable' arrangements are real. And I love me some fresh flowers. Calla Lillies, stargazers, tulips...anything but carnations. Carnations are the ugly stepdaughters of flowers. Men, don't waste your money. Trust me on this.

But. It's not the cheapest solution. And since I wanted two vases displayed permanently on my mantle, it just wasn't feasible. Sigh. To be rich.

Anyway, here's how it turned out.

And this is why I'm ok with it:
Hubby: Oh, flowers. Nice!
Pammy: Thanks! I hoped they looked ok.
Hubby: (...smells them) wait...(feels them)...they aren't real?
Pammy:...and that's why I bought them.

So yes, they're fake. Do me a favor and tell me they look real, willya? My self esteem depends on it. Thanks.

-posted out of laziness from my iPhone.