Wednesday, June 9, 2010

He's good.

Me: Does sitting on an exercise ball count If I'm drinking champagne and eating candy?

Hubby (without a pause, non condescendingly): No. They cancel each other out.

I agree. I found a watermelon blow pop and it was fantastic. The champagne is prosecco, which was pretty necessary. I was celebrating the cable company's complete and utter ineptitude, which, yes, I documented. It was a slightly trying afternoon.

1:45: leave work to meet cable guy.
2:20: Brighthouse dude=my hero. We have metaphorical liftoff.
2:25-4:30: Work
4:35: Pick up "hippies use side door, no exeptions" sign from antique dealer. Been wanting forever, she special ordered for me. Highlight of day.
4:45: Camera shop. Find out a new camera battery costs $75. Not happening. Two days before New York, no camera=lowpoint of day.
7:05: On the phone with brighthouse again about my no longer functioning Internet.
7:35: Rep's boss is alerted that I called 8 times in the past 72 hours. Once past the initial omg-I'm-a-stalker-moment, I accept his offer to have his boss call me directly once they look over the issue.

Bossman Harold and I talked so many times I began altering my 'hello' for boredom's sake. Because instead of the usual hold music, he just called me back. Over. and. over. Which, while annoying, was helpful for cooking purposes:

Mmm. Meatballs and hubby pasta sauce, asparagus and garlic. Mmmmm.

Anyway, Harold, my bff.
8:00: PC is getting internet...mac is not. Airport either. Not ok. He will have a rep call to book a tech appt.
Not helpful, seeing that we're about to go on vacation and I'm not about to ask my father in law to meet a cable guy for us mid week.
9:30: We realize TiVo isn't working. Can't escape settings menu. Panic ensues. No internet I can handle-I can always cheat and use my phone. But TiVo? Oh, helllllll no.
10:05: Hubby may be a genius and fixed everything at once.
10:40 Ok, Maybe not genius, but we have TiVo again. (Still hero-status, go babe!)

Anything mac-related is still unable to receive a signal. Sigh. Guess I'll be chatting with Harold next week...good, cause I already miss him.

I promise this will be my last post about the internet fiasco, by the way. Cause it's going to be magically fixed by the time we get home from NY. And if it's not, well, I'm making hubby call. I quit.

-posted out of fat kidness from my iPhone.

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