Thursday, June 3, 2010

We'll have great stories one day...

So we have been discovering, day by day, that an older house should basically come with a 'special needs' warning. Nothing is easy, and everything has a trick to work correctly. But man, McGyvering everything can be hugely entertaining when I'm in the right mood. When I'm not...well...we deal.

Operating the living room ceiling fan is like playing mortal kombat on the remote (left, left, up). The bathroom fan only works when the cooler is turned off. The garage door requires a padlock key to open. Until 4 hours ago, we had no deadbolt if the deadbolt on the front door was locked, we had to go in the side gate and through the back door to get back in. And, of course, the best (worst) the range with my soon-to-be most used kitchen tool:

Sigh. Oh,'s always an adventure around here.

I'm just glad to cook again. It's going to be a bit of a challenge to get used to a new kitchen, but once I do, I know it'll feel more like home (as will finally being unpacked and decorated). We have next to no counter space here, so we had to get creative with our (my) many (MANY) appliances. I think it works. It's going to be a pain in the ass to keep clean and neat, but having it in plain sight will (hopefully) give me the motivation I need.

Here's hoping.

More updates to come once the internet decides to work. You know, for the amount of money I pay Brighthouse a month, I'm amazed how often I 'get' to chat with their phone tree...damn you, cable companies, you necessary evil, you.

Grrr. I'm feisty tonight. And what will help? A big fat Laker win (check), a husband doing dishes (check) and, obviously, my newest nephew, Brick. (check!!!)

Congrats, Parallel and Hubs! You two pick adorable babies!! Can't wait to meet him...way to go on picking him up before we get to town!

Hee. Puppies always cheer me up.


  1. LIKE LIKE LIKE!! AAAAND - love to see that spice set, it looks amazing on the shelf with everything like that!!