Saturday, July 17, 2010


When we moved across town, I was seriously bummed about leaving the neighborhood cantina and being far from Las Salsas. Seriously. These things are important.

So it's a good thing we now have a mini-mart/taco shop a block away. Talk about 2 birds with one stone! Awesome.

And it's not just any taco shop. This, my friends, is Tacos El Gordo.

Pammy: El Taco Gordo...what is that? Fat tacos?
Hubby: Sort of, it's more like fat boy tacos.
Hubby: Pretty much!
Pammy: No wonder we like them.

So far, I've tried the ceviche tostadas, pollo tacos, and campechana. Oh, and half a breakfast burrito ( I pretended it was a corn tortilla), which was intended to be eaten by a pack of wild dogs, I think. (Huge and jam packed with bacon, ham and sausage) After perusing the menu at length this afternoon, I'm also looking forward to trying the taco salad and the nachos (natch). I'm also hoping the hubby gets ambitious and orders the El Gordo Mucho Grande Burrito, aka the Super Fat kid Burrito. Mostly cause the name is so obviously fantastic.

I do love convenience, let me tell you. Mexican food, liquor, gas AND a sno-cone shack all on one glorious corner lot 610 feet from my house? Done. Now if only they'd let me drink my beer IN the store...a fat kid can only wish.

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