Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet Greta.

Greta, or KittyH, as she will now be known in the blogosphere, has decided that she lives with us. Ok, that's of course not entirely true. I have decided that she lives with us. She, a neighborhood stray, simply decided we would feed her. And so, for now, she lives part time inside and part time on our porch.

Unfortunately/purposefully, she and I both made our decisions without a whole lot of input from the hubby. It's not that he dislike cats. He just dislikes their hair. And their noises. And their poo. I this a man who hates cats?
That's our first cat, Nesta. Nesta now lives with Grandma; Grandma won't give her back. Mean Grandma...(Um, thanks for paying her vet bills, ma.)

But he has to keep his stoic man-front and give me a hard time. I am completely incapable of not being a cat-mom and he knows it, but one of us has to be practical about these things. And we know full-well it ain't me. So he bitches half-heartedly, I bat my eyes and cook him dinner and sweetly promise things we both know I can't control (No, honey, she won't shed inside. You'll never have to feed her. She won't cost us a dime.)

What can I do...I love animals. And he loves me. Thank you for being such a good sport, babe. And now I'll go make you dinner. Can you watch the cat?


  1. Hi Greta!! ((waves)). I'm an animal lover too! And I have two felines whom I love to death :) But I'm with your hubster...I could definitely do without the hair

  2. She's pretty! There is a cat at the shelter where I've been volunteering that looks just like her, only it's a boy. I would take him home if I could have more than one cat. (Of course, I would take them all home and quickly become a crazy cat lady if I could have more than one cat.)

    How can he not like their noises?