Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seriously Halfass

Sorry to have been so quiet lately...between spending evenings trying to get KittyH adjusted to her new life of leisure (no more scrounging for food for this spoiled cat) and trying to get some books finished to return to the library, neither cooking nor writing have been high priority.

That's not to say I haven't been cooking. But twists on old faithfuls,

basic grill food,

and food that looks better than it tastes

aren't exactly recipe worthy. Digging through my phone (otherwise known as my lifeline), however, I'm reminded of a couple share-worthy meals. Posts to come. Stay tuned...


  1. LOL I love that this is labeled "desperation"... and is that b'lo parm/romano?? it looks amazing either way!!!! [love that font, btw!!]

  2. It IS b'lo romano! And the font is Joyful Juliana. My fave!

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