Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ever dropped a knife on your foot?

While I didn't pull a Chandler and lose a toe, I did take a knife tip to the foot tonight.

I'm not gonna lie...it hurts. I now have a nice round bruise forming at the spot. Sad-kid face over here. (Sorry if you're anti-foot. And for my bony toes needing a pedicure. I'm done now.)

Unfortunately not the most painful part of the night...that would be my call to Brighthouse Cable. I've been writing on my phone since our Internet took a crap 3 days ago...we keep coming home after long days expecting it to be back up...not so much. So I finally took one for the team tonight and called.

The first 20 minutes were spent convincing a woman that we do, in fact, get our cable from brighthouse. As we have for the past 4 years. 22 months of which has been in this apartment. Why this was a 20 minute-put-me-on-hold-three-times conversation, I don't know. What I do know is that "oh, got it...let me transfer you upstairs" is code for "Have fun with this call."

The exact moment I lost it wasn't when tech support guy explained to me that my wireless airport wouldn't work unless it was connected to live Internet (.....)...no, it was when he asked me to "look at the top left of your screen. Do you see the apple icon?"

Breathing. Breathing.

We still have no Internet. But we did have this for dinner.

Mmmmmm. Chicken parm. Even the quick way, you're delicious.

-posted out of ANNOYANCE from my iPhone.

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