Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wino Forever

For those keeping track, the box of wine is still roughly 1/3 full. After 8 days. And I have been trying, let me tell you. I was dead set on having that mofo empty by now.

Let's look at this in practical (nerdy) terms (I went to one of the top academic schools in the country...I feel like I need to use it now and then. Ma, look at this like a Mother's Day present).

Five liters of wine is roughly 170 oz...which is 34 5oz glasses.

For a singular drinker that believes in "moderation," that should last a month.

This drinker, however, sees that I only drank 2/3 of the box. AKA roughly 113oz in 8 days. Which averages out to 14oz, or 2.5ish glasses, a day. (More if you consider I chose champagne over wine last night. Shhh.)

Not bad. All I can do is try. If it's still around by next Thursday, I'm chucking it.

I'm lying, I never toss booze. Come on, now. And yes, I'll still call my mother tomorrow. This was a terrible gift. Maybe if I throw a nice bottle of wine in...

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