Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday, my ass.

Not to sound bitter, but I hope those of you doing something awesome this weekend have a great time. Try not to be overly jealous of the hubby's and my exciting plans to clean the house, pack the apartment, move the apartment, clean the apartment...and then maybe, if we're still standing, unpack.*

I mean, it's awesome that we have a three day weekend to get this stuff done. We would both be pulling our hair out otherwise, but since almost everything is totally done at the house (a couple doors left to hang, drawer pulls to install, floors to mop), we're pretty much in the home stretch.

It definitely helps that we've had a ton of help. His family has been amazing; even Pia (my dog-in-law) got in on the action. I think she had more paint on her than I did...oohhh, Pia, I want one of you. (Soon!)

But the house is coming together with the little touches we've added and is looking so good. Check out my ridiculous new bathroom vanity light. I'm going to feel like I'm aboard the Enterprise as I apply mascara in the morning, I love it. Now if only I had one of those breakfast/beverage transporter cubbyholes...Someone really needs to get to work on the whole transporter business, by the way. It's freakin' 2010, come on.

Mostly, though, I'm just excited to not live like this anymore:

So go on, enjoy your Memorial Day weekends...and I'll have photos of the finished product next week.

*I assume you know me well enough to know we will be drinking beer as we clean/pack/clean/unpack. As though I need an's a holiday, damnit.

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