Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just as Niki de Saint Phalle intended, I'm sure.

Well, got in a couple more evenings at the house this week, which makes me feel better about completely abandoning the painting crew this weekend. I'm off to San Diego for the annual Sun God Festival this afternoon, and will be spending three glorious days in the place I miss more than anything with people I adore. (Minus the hubby, he's being good and staying to work on the house)

Now, we're not actually going to the music part of the festival, which is actually fitting since I never actually made it to the music parts during my four years at UCSD, either. There's so much going on on campus that day (drinking), so the days were spent wandering (drinking) and shopping at the vendor booths (drinking) and just generally having a great time (drinking). Much like our plan for tomorrow. We have a hotel within walking distance of campus and a Rock Bottom, so I'm thinking there may be some drinking going on. Maybe.

Cannot wait.

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