Saturday, February 13, 2010

The curse of the undecided

It was a long week. Really long...which makes me want a relaxing weekend that much more. Sadly/luckily, the boy is at work, leaving me to my own devices. Which so far has included 2 episodes of my new favorite cringe-inducing tv show--Battle of the Bods on the Fox Reality Channel (where else???), a wild goose chase for a popcorn air popper (more specifically, one that won't take up every last square inch of our much-in-demand cabinet space), laundry, and now TiVo until my girlfriend Mrs. A comes over to hang and drink champagne with me. It's not often, yet awesome, when our men are both busy and we're both in a mellow mood!

So it appears the hardest part of my day will be deciding between leftovers or cabbage pancakes for dinner. I really like to take advantage of alone nights for my weird food cravings, but we also have tomato and okra stew AND Parmesan sage crusted pork and herbed mashed potatoes. You see my predicament?

Quick vote?


Or C.?

Taking all votes now. Come visit and I'll make you all three...

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