Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Healthy Week, day two

This is the sound of a huge Pammy sigh.

Day 2:Yay Me!
Hmm. Must think...
Enough fiber (25g)
Balanced dinner
Lots of water
Lots of leg lifts

Day 3:Damnit, Pam!
No gym
2 Coors Lights
Tortilla chips (the hubby ate the rest of the salsa)
6 letters: D-E-W-A-R-S

Let me explain Dewar's. No, not the alcohol. The ice cream parlor. The one I avoid like the plague. I don't usually get that into ice cream...but when the hubby brings home a carton of fresh churned Rocky Road that looks like's completely out of my control.

Luckily I had a big salad with my pot roast, so the evening wasn't a complete failure. And my roast turned out better than last time—I followed this Cooking Light recipe for Beer Braised Beef.

I made some minor changes—I soaked the browned meat and veggies (chunks of turnips and baby carrots) in the broth and a can of Boddington's over night, and stuck it in the crock pot the next morning. I also added a package of frozen pearl onions near the end (not on purpose...I'm just not exactly on my game at 6:45am and forgot them. But an hour was plenty of time for them). And I added salt, garlic powder, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce at the end. Not sure the hubby didn't still think it needed something (he added more salt and horseradish), but I liked it.

So tonight is Veggie Enchiladas...and I'm doing well on water and fiber, and my gym clothes in the bag next to my desk are looking at me sadly, begging to be used...which means so far, today is looking good.

It's only noon. Wish me luck.

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