Friday, February 26, 2010

Healthy Week, day four

I made the mistake of opening a bottle of Zin last night. It was delicious, and I am totally going to stock up on it next time I go to Cost Plus. (No, I don't remember the maker...but it was from Lodi) And I probably would have finished the bottle had this not been Healthy Week.

The things I tell myself, I swear. In reality, the Husband got home and I didn't want him to tsk tsk tsk me.

Day 4:Yay Me!
Did yoga and leg lifts (I will have thighs of steel, damnit)
Good on fiber (25+g)
Lots of water
Did not touch the chips OR ice cream.

Day 4:Damnit, Pam
Since did not eat chips or ice cream, found everything else in house I could possibly eat, including popcorn, corn chex, and a slice of swiss cheese...and a See's sucker. Sigh.
Two glasses of Zin. Ok, three. Whatever.

Went with leftover pot roast for dinner, so nothing new to report there. Gym tonight! And I'm assuming the rest of the Zin..there's not much left.

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