Friday, February 12, 2010

Look how brilliant I am, Design*Sponge! (Feature me! Feature me!)

So a few weeks back I mentioned some of the artsy stuff I've been playing around with at home...figured it was time for an update.

One of the major things I wanted to do was paint the bedroom wall, but I've since decided I'd rather paint a giant canvas using the same technique. The brokeassness which has occured since booking a trip to New York to visit the Parallel and her hubs (in 119 days!), however, means such things will have to wait.

But that's ok, because I finally finished one of my longest planned projects--the spice cabinet conundrum. You may have noticed I like spices. And I have a lot of them. A lot of them. And I also have incredibly hard to reach spice cabinet shelves, even for my amazon arms.

So. A few brainstorming sessions with the Parallel and I had it all figured out-I always loved chem class...yet ended up a I ended up blending the two. Which, actually, is pretty similar to my feelings on cooking in general, so yeah...perfect.

I'm totally in love. But it was quite the ordeal...once I found a cheap lab supply store that would sell me less than 1000 flasks, I found this awesome serving tray at World Market, and glued down some fancy green paper I found at Aaron Brothers to give it some color. The hold-up, however...corks. is my new fave internet shop. Not that I will ever need them for non stopper-related purposes, but they have free 2 day shipping. And a ton of choices. And are cheap. And since I had to buy four sets of corks before finding the right size, all of this was helpful.

You hear that, flask company that refused to give me the recommended cork size? I have FORTY dollars worth of corks to return. Is it that hard to answer emails? Or, you know, not have a note on your site that you don't answer the phone so don't bother calling? Really??

Sigh. Anyway, I'm super stoked about the result. My spices are now adorable AND functional. I totally need about 10 more, but this covers most of them...for now.

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