Monday, February 22, 2010

I need to behave myself.

Ok, I need your help. I have totally fallen off the wagon and need a boost to get-and more importantly, stay-back on.

I am going to make a serious effort to do three things this week:
1. Eat balanced, low cal meals.
2. Work out 6 days (3 cardio, 3 yoga)
3. Keep the booze under alcoholic levels. Which means no more than one, since my self control is about thhhiiiss big (thumb and forefinger millimeters apart) and anymore than one generally ends up being like, four.

And as my masseuse informed me on Saturday, I have some major toxin build up going on. bueno. I gotta give it a rest. I figure a healthy week can only end with me feeling better, looking better, and hopefully weighing better.

I started yesterday. Well...if you don't count the tortilla chips. I certainly don't, cause I ate them with Smokey Peach Salsa (reason #5 I cannot stay away from Fresh & Easy), and obviously fruit counteracts any evil from chips.

My boss would refer to this logic as a Pamfact, btw. I just call it a fact (air quotes).

Anyway, here was my first dinner. Balanced, high fiber, easy. And delicious. And bonus, when I'm trying to be good, I eat less, which means I have half a piece of chicken left over for lunch the next day. (It was also delicious.)

The chicken I made for the Greek quinoa salad last week was so good I wanted to try it on its own...fresh thyme, garlic powder, salt and fresh pepper, browned and then simmered in a bit of water (half cup or so) til cooked through. I recommend. Highly. Add a veggie and a high fiber brown rice medley, and you're done.

Now for the next six days...wish me luck. And your job is to yell at me, point and laugh, whatever it takes to shame me if I fail. This should be fun.

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