Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday night done right.

I have to admit, I do love a good easy-dinner night. Especially when you're trying to save money, so you skip the nail salon and give yourself a manicure. Twice, because you paint nails like a five year old. And then decide to peel zucchini before the paint has dried completely. And curse until you realize this is why you pay for them.

Frustrating. But I discovered a quick trick for cheering myself up...using fancy dinnerware. We got the most gorgeous set of wooden serving spoons as a wedding gift, and I always want to save them for guests or a special occasion. And then I had a revelation tonight while I was hissing at my nails...if I save them for special occasions, I never get to use them. Nothing ever becomes sponge-worthy.

So I used them to make my caesar. Immediate seratonin rush. Plus, I think it's what inspired the hubby to set our places with cloth napkins instead of paper towels. We're fancy.

All I made was a modified version of my zucchini ribbons (added reduced fat blue cheese crumbles, added a dash of balsalmic, and cut the parmesan in half), the husband grilled up some steaks, and I made a caesar. Out of a bag. And it all was good.

And now I'm gonna get back to the Laker game, eat a whole lot of sugar-free jello (10 cals a bowl!), and finish packing for Seattle. We're determined not to check anything. Wish us luck.

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