Friday, November 6, 2009

WTF, lady?

This has been an interesting day so far.

I've been up since 5:45, when my alarm rudely cut into my super weird dream about black widows. Now...according to's section on dreams:

Spiders in general are about the way you are living your life.You watched spider weave her web(sic). Like you are watching yourself create your life. The fact that it was a poisonous spider is indicative what kind of life you are weaving for yourself. Your dream is informing you or warning you that this is the way you are going with your life. You showed fear in your dream by panicking, I pray you show the same fear in your waking life, and change course.

WTF, dream lady. I'll have you know I dreamt this on a night I didn't even drink. lose.

And so because the thought of canceling on K for our morning walk TWICE in two days guilted me into getting out of the warm, comfy bed next to the warm, comfy man, I got my ass up and braced the 49 degree weather. I'm not going to lie...the promise of my forthcoming weekly Starbucks was what got me through it.

But of course, the 'bucks drive thru had about 54 cars in it, so I hit the one inside the Vons by work instead. And there, my giddy starbucks/friday/happy dance was met by a new barista...and this:

Pammy: Can I get a Venti Skinny London Fog?
Barista: (makes super omg, groooosssss face)'s good...
Barista: (pursed lips) I don't like them.

I'm...sorry? WTF, Starbucks lady. Just make my damn drink. London Fogs (English Breakfast tea latte with vanilla syrup) are freaking delicious, ok? lose.

People are killing me today. As is Firefox, which has updated FIVE times in the past two days. WTF, Mozilla? Can't get it right? Knock it off, I'm trying to write...I Just to be lose.

It's possible I have a bad attitude today. So yes, I'll ask myself...WTF, lady? Get your chonies out of the knot they're apparently in.

Sigh...luckily, it's nothing a cold beer won't solve.
Take that, dream lady.

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