Friday, November 20, 2009

Staying strong...til I give up.

Ok, five days of 100% gluten free eating (my norm is roughly 95%), and so far, so pretty good. The only cheating I've done is one Coor's Light last night (we were celebrating the husband's new internship with the local hockey team, a glass of wine would have been far less effective).

Impressive. I'm kind of a quitter when I don't want to do something, so I'm proud of myself. And I'm less itchy today, so I take that as a sign my brain is proud of me, too. Yay.

Well...we've established that I'm weak...and a quitter, so...Surprise! I cheated.

I went to very lovely cocktail hour at our friends' (the new parents) house, where the new (hot) mama prepared not only this fabulous pork tenderloin with orange chutney sauce for appetizer/dinner, but a new dip which I am so totally stealing. It was gorgonzola with red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, red onion, and parsley. I think. So completely up my alley. Which she served with Wheat Thins.'d think I'd see Wheat Thins and bypass them, you know, having wheat IN THE NAME...but as we know...I'm weak. And a quitter. Sooo...I may have had a few. Or twelve. Damnit!

Oh well. I'm in a good mood. It's part holding a 3 month old for the better part of an hour (who knew babies liked me??? Even if he did spit up down my new's milk, I'll survive), hanging out with awesome people (who I really need to see more often), or coming home to an empty house (while I know the hubby is happy in hockey-land) where I have hours upon hours of tivo/netflix to entertain me while enjoying my personal cocktail of junk mags, champagne and cookies.

Life is good, my friends. Especially when I get to sleep in tomorrow and have nothing but trouble to get into over the weekend. Uh, oh. Let's hope it's the gluten-free promises.

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  1. umm... that dip sounds like heaven... need - immediately...