Monday, April 5, 2010

Better with age?

Some things just get better when you're patient. Most wines, cheese, and calla lilies, apparently -mine were kinda wilty at first and have gotten gorgeous the last two days- just need to ripen a bit. Potato salad, stew...most comfort food, really. Maybe cause they have less seasoning so the flavors need longer to meld? Sure, I'll go with that. And btw, I love my phone. I totally took that pic, like five minutes ago, edited it, and uploaded to this page. Magic. (What was I just talking about? Patience? I have none.)

Last night was no exception. I originally made Braised Chicken and Veggies on Saturday, but I ate alone that night and we just BBQ'd Sunday, so there was tons left over.

Unfortunately, on Saturday I wasn't impressed. It was bland, and just missing something. So I figured I'd let it set and then doll it up later. It was definitely better a couple days later (but I don't want to recommend that. It can't be all that...sanitary? Gross, nevermind. Just do it better the first time.)

Here's my recommendation. Add a lot more salt. Like, alot. (But don't over salt, taste as you go) Add more thyme and a dash of cayenne. And I used cornstarch instead of flour, but flour probably tastes better. And use the butter. I only used half, and it could have used more. Serve over rice (substitute chicken broth for water when you make it. If you can. I almost always do.)

The hubby loved it. I thought he'd think it was bland, but he was all over it. Comfort food wins again.

Yeah, it's in Tupperware. I thought it was only appropriate.

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