Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sorry, too easy.

Well, gotta say congrats to the local hockey boys...The Condors have advanced to the second round of play-offs (applause, cheers, whoohoo!). Which is great. For them. For me, it just means more hockey.

I've tried to explain why I don't like hockey, but it always sounds stupid. It's just...boring. A bunch of guys skating back and forth and back...and forth (excellent skaters, but still). Sometimes they hit the puck, sometimes they even seem to aim. They fight. They trip. And sometimes...very rarely...someone makes a goal.

Sigh. I like basketball. Give me some points. Lots of them. Quickly.

Anyway, it's rough, cause I want to support the hubby and his coworkers. They do such an awesome job running the show, and I want to be the good wife and cheer them (as well as the team) on. And once in awhile, I do...this weekend, I did twice. Well...once and a half. I left after the second period last night. I'd had enough hockey. And hockey food. Seriously, when taco salad is the closest thing to veggies in an entire arena...well, I go with it. You know where this is going, don't you?

Hello, Rabobank Monster Chicken Nachos.

Man, I'm easy. I don't even know why I bother getting the deluxe/supreme/monster versions...all I need is some fake cheese and jalapenos and I sit happily-and quietly-for at least 10 minutes. No wonder the hubby's always so happy to get them for me.

Round two, here we go. Good luck, guys.

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