Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is it still spring?

Cause it's hot. But 'it's cooler outside,' so the screen is open and I'm not allowed to run the a/c even though my house is currently 80 degrees.

See? I'm not even exaggerating.

*Note to self. When complaining to husband about how hot the house is, it works best when you didn't make something hot for dinner. I hate when he's right. As he unfortunately often is. He's just so damn cute, which isn't fair. I really need to get better at this 'the wife is always right' business.

Anyway, delicious. If you want to improve on the original recipe, like I did, you should totally go for it. So I'm going to give you my advice rather than a recipe. Use or discard at will. (Use it!)

Corn & Potato Chowder
•I didn't have old bay, so I threw in a pinch each plus of cardamom, paprika, pepper, celery seed, cayenne, a bay leaf, about a tbsp fresh thyme, and a couple shakes Tabasco. And a couple tsp or more of salt.
•Use chicken broth instead of water, enough to almost cover potatoes.
•Throw an immersion blender in the pot at the end for a couple seconds to thicken it up a bit. Leave plenty of chunks.
•Use about 2.5 potatoes. Peel them roughly, and cut them small.
•Fat free half and half is totally as good as full fat.
•Stir in most of the cheese before serving, and just sprinkle a little bit on at the end.

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