Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's the small things.

No one has ever been happier about a glowing on light than I am right now. Seriously. I've been short my beloved PowerBook for months now. Since it shocked my leg, went blank, and refused to reboot. And since I don't live anywhere near a mac store, it's been just hanging out in my laptop bag, waiting sadly...for months.

So when I finally got to the store in Santa Monica a week ago, I was beyond stoked to hear all I needed was a new cord-specifically, an Apple power cord.

See, my PowerBook, in computer years, is ancient. So this isn't my first cord replacement. And since they're like 80 bucks a pop, last time I decided to cheat and buy an off brand for half the price.

And this, my friends, is why I am a brand whore.

The cheap bastard ate my battery. Too low of voltage. Or something...who cares, it broke my baby. And so I have learned my lesson. And received my new Apple power cord in the mail today.

From a marketing perspective, Apple is pure genius. Their stuff just works better with their accessories...and thus, they can charge a crapload for it. From a poor person's perspective...well...damn you, Apple. You're so expensive and so worth it. I just can't quit you. And to be honest, wouldn't if I could.

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