Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'll clean tomorrow...

Ah, Saturday. Hubby has to work all weekend since the hockey team he works for made playoffs, aka one more sport season that goes on forever (but go Condors!), so I am on my own.

Slept in...mostly cause I knew I had to hit the gym once I rolled out of bed, even though I knew it would be a good thing. Is it weird that I look forward to the gym when I have recipe-writing to do? Man, nothing keeps me on the treadmill longer than some Jay-Z and a blog post or two. I was awesome, too. 30 minutes of walking/writing and then a good 10 min jog. Longest straight jog yet! (I'm a walker, not a runner...used to be a physical thing, but now it's mental. Hence my excitement.)

Then, since my darling, ahem, roommate forgot to tell me we were completely out of toilet paper last to the store.

Now, I really dislike Savemart. I think they're over priced, and as I generally avoid stores with either word 'save' or 'mart' in the name, it makes me shudder a bit. But I keep reminding myself it's actually just a Ralphs with a different name (like Vons and Safeway)...yes, snob. Moving on.

Anyway, it's next to my gym, and this little gem makes me so happy every time I'm in the juice aisle, so I deal. It's like they just know me. Awesome. So, as usual, my TP run turned into a cart full of weekend ridiculousness...mimosa ingredients and new US Mag included, natch. Problem is, when I go to the store post gym, I don't move my car-I just carry all my crap across the parking lot.

Of course, I totally forgot that the lot is I loaded up my cart. But since I'm one of those 'I'll do it my damn self' chickadees, I decided not to let a little thing like a parking lot stand in my way. I loaded up my arms, MacGyvered a way to carry the TP and a 12 pack of club soda cans...and the soda box promptly ripped open. Sending club soda cans all.over.the.lot.

The sweet lady who helped me chase them down totally thought I was insane as I started stuffing cans in my purse (big bags come in handy!!). But come on, it's hardly the first time I had a 12 pack in my purse. Sadly. Or awesomely, however you want to look at it. And I only lost one can, which sprayed me like mad from a hole in its side upon retrieval. Awesome. Good thing it wasn't beer...

Sigh. So here I am. Currently caught up on my netflix (GG, The Hills), my TiVo (24, V, Marriage Ref-still on the fence with that one), and I'm on my second load of laundry. Please don't be jealous...all in a days work.

Sidenote. I liked Katee Sackhoff a lot better when she was on Big Bang Theory. (I don't watch Battlestar Gallactica or whatever her 'main' show is-my nerdiness has limits.) Just sayin'. Not a nice girl in 24.

So now...Dinner time. Some ingenious pantry meal to come. The only thing I didn't buy at the store was dinner. Unless you count two bags of Baked Lays as dinner...which...thinking not the best idea, as good as it sounds. Wish me luck.