Friday, March 19, 2010

All I can do is try.

I always feel so sorry for the hubby when I make normally gluten-full meals last night's chicken parm, about which he expressed a little too much disappointment about it not being breaded (and apparently I make it wrong, rme, I cook the chicken in the sauce; he thinks I should add the sauce at the end after it's cooked. I think he whom has dinner cooked for him should not practice 'constructive criticism.')

Aaanyway, I had tried to make up for the lack of breading by adding a special little layer of goodness in the chicken-I sliced them almost all the way through and layered some basil leaves and half a slice of provolone in each.

Other than that (and the addition of sliced mushrooms to the sauce), I used my regular recipe and served over quinoa. IIII thought it was fab. And totally ate my leftovers for breakfast.

Next time, hubby gets to make it. I expect homemade sauce, too. (*wink*)

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