Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's an obsession, pho sure.

I cannot stop eating pho.

It was bad enough when I was just hitting Saigon for chicken pho every week or two. But then a new place opened across the street from my office a couple weeks ago...trouble. Cause now everytime I go there (it's called Pho Hut, and their logo seriously looks like Pizza Hut's, which annoys me to no end) I feel guilty for not going to Saigon, so I go there like 3 days later, and then the next week I'm too lazy to go far, so Pho Hut happens...it's a vicious cycle, really.

And honestly, I don't care for Pho Hut's pho ga (chicken), cause they use dark meat and breast with skin...ugh. Not for me. But their beef pho is great. As is their tofu pho, which I tried today for the first time. Tons of veggies and some not quite distinguishable...meat?...accompany the tofu chunks, which was a nice change of pace.

So I really do have good reason to frequent both spots. And do, obviously. But holy crap, it's a lot of food from either place. And I end up killing it every.single.time.

So it always amuses me that the hubby seems to think if I have pho on a, say, Tuesday, I won't want it again on Friday for our weekly lunch date. Wrong. I'm a pho machine, baby. Bring it on.



  1. I love the Pho Hut....it's the bomb diggity pho sure!!!

  2. You so make me want to try Pho... I just don't know where I can get it around here. Do you know of any good places near Yucaipa or Redlands???