Thursday, March 25, 2010

I miss bread.

How's the gluten free overhaul going? Glad you asked.

Dinners have been going well. We did goulash with brown rice pasta last night, and an Indian inspired halibut with rice the night before (recipe to come). But since I have been trying to be better about cooking for two rather than a small army, I've had less leftovers-AKA lunch. And anything I have to buy puts me in dangerous territory.

I can't eat pho every day, and thai food gets food generally is a no-go cause everything is processed or fried...and when you add in the cost factor, I'm pretty much always better off bringing lunch.

Otherwise I end up having to make a mid-day store run, which ends with something strange and not particularly exciting. Say hello to the bread-less turkey sandwich.

Low fat honey roasted turkey, low fat provolone, spicy mustard, and romaine. Contain your excitement, if you can. (Actually, it was quite tasty...but it's just not gonna cut it every day.)

I'll just keep reminding myself that this is doable. A turkey sandwich wouldn't be any better on a warm, fresh, fragrant piece of rye...

Oh, god, I can smell it. Mouth...watering...daaaaamn it.

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